Scentio Very Thai Tamarind Body Scrub


Scentio Very Thai Tamarind Body Scrub (300ml)

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Scentio Very Thai Tamarind Body Scrub (300ml)

Tamarind has been acknowledged for generations in the East, especially in Thai culture, for its exfoliating and brightening properties. As a wonderful source of AHA and Vitamin C, Thailand helps to gently slough away dull skin cells and diminish the signs of aging to reveal velvety smooth, glowing skin. Honey, natural humectant, works to restore moisture, while Aloe Vera, an emollient, promotes healthy soft and youthful looking skin.

How to use:
Apply on the wet body skin, using gentle circular cleansing motion. Leave on for 5 – 10 minutes, and rinse with clean water.

Net weight: 300g

Product of Thailand

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