Why are Thailand beauty products so popular?

The Popularity Of Thai Beauty Products

Growing Export Market

According to data from the Thai Ministry of Commerce, the total value of Thailand’s beauty product exports was approximately $1.33 billion USD in 2020. The top export destinations for Thai beauty products were Japan, the United States, China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

The most exported beauty products from Thailand were hair care products, followed by skincare, fragrances, and color cosmetics. Hair care products accounted for nearly 40% of the total beauty product exports, with a value of approximately $522 million USD.

Thailand is known for its natural and traditional beauty products, which have gained popularity among international consumers. The country’s beauty product exports are expected to continue to grow in the future, driven by increasing demand for natural and organic products and the popularity of traditional Thai beauty treatments.

And Why?

The beauty product industry in Thailand is a significant contributor to the country’s economy. The industry is diverse and includes both local and international brands, with a focus on natural and traditional ingredients.

Thailand is known for its innovative beauty products that incorporate natural ingredients such as herbs, fruits, and flower extracts. The use of these natural ingredients has contributed to the popularity of Thai beauty products both domestically and internationally.

The Thai government has also supported the development of the beauty industry by implementing various initiatives and programs to promote the industry’s growth. For example, the Thai FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has established regulations and guidelines for cosmetics and personal care products to ensure product safety and quality.

The beauty industry in Thailand has also seen growth due to the country’s popularity as a tourist destination. Many tourists visit Thailand to experience its unique culture, including its traditional beauty treatments, and often purchase local beauty products to take back home.


Thai beauty products have gained popularity among consumers both domestically and internationally, and many of them are known for their quality and effectiveness. Thai beauty brands often incorporate natural and traditional ingredients, such as herbs, fruits, and flower extracts, in their products, which are believed to have therapeutic properties and nourishing benefits for the skin.

Thai beauty products are also known for their affordability, making them accessible to a wider range of consumers. Many Thai brands offer high-quality products at lower prices compared to similar products from other countries.

In addition to their use of natural ingredients and affordability, Thai beauty products are often innovative and unique, with a focus on traditional techniques and remedies. This has helped to build brand recognition and increase the popularity of Thai beauty products both domestically and internationally.


Overall, the beauty product industry in Thailand has been successful due to its focus on natural ingredients, innovation, government support, and popularity among both domestic and international consumers. The industry is expected to continue to grow in the future, with increasing demand for natural and sustainable beauty products.

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