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Madame Heng Family Soap Original Formula


Madame Heng Family Soap Original Formula 150g

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Madame Heng Family Soap Original Formula 150g

MADAME HENG is a famous cult Thai skincare brand established in 1949. It is a loving fusion of natural herbal remedies with a Parisian flair. All the “in the know” moms in Thailand, are aware that this is the go-to brand for quality, all-natural skincare.

This soap has a very pleasant refreshing scent and is suitable for all members of your family, both adults and children. Soap from the “Madame Heng” firm is famous all over the world, it is not without reason that it is very popular in Japan and Singapore. It is still little known in Europe and Russia.

All products of Madame Heng are of extremely high quality; in the production of soap, mainly natural ingredients are used. All Madam Heng branded products are quality certified and approved by the Thai Consumer Authority as well as the Ministry of Health.

Soap “For the Whole Family” (from the “Natural Balance” series) contains such natural ingredients as calendula extract (an excellent natural antiseptic) and honeysuckle extract.

Honeysuckle has anti-bacterial properties, refreshes and softens your skin, has a beneficial effect on delicate and sensitive skin, preventing irritation and inflammation on the skin.

Thanks to the calendula content in this soap, your skin will look fresh and healthy.

Calendula promotes the renewal of skin cells and, thanks to this effect, prevents premature ageing of the skin under the influence of sunlight and in harsh environmental conditions.

✅The soap harmoniously contains the natural essences of Calendula and Honeysuckle extract
✅Reduces blackheads on the face and relieves itching and irritation on the skin in children.
✅Acne, blemishes, freckles, rough skin, sweating, body odour, etc.
✅Results after regular daily use healthy skin, Less irritation, soft and smooth skin with pleasant fragrance.
✅For all people, young and old, for daily use. You can wash your face, hands and body.

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