Kyra Alpha Arbutin Boost Powder 250mg


Kyra Alpha Arbutin Boost Powder 250mg

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Kyra Alpha Arbutin Boost Powder 250mg

New formula! Whiten faster!
Coming in capsule form. Convenient to use.
Just tear, open the capsule, stir with cream, use every day

This is a new product to help whiten skin.
Can be used for all skin types, including sensitive skin

How to Use: Mix 1 cup with a little lotion and apply to body skin.

+ Helps to naturally brighten skin.
+ The more bright white as you use.

How many boxes of Kyra Alpha Arbutin powder should you use? (Depending on skin colour condition)

Today we have the answer for you.
1. White but not bright. Use 1-2 boxes.
2. Yellow white doesn’t look well. Use 2-3 boxes.
3. Skin is clear because of portable light, 3-5 boxes.
4. Burning skin, sunlight, damage, accumulated for a long time. Right 6 + box (to adjust skin condition) There are 20 capsules, for 20 days.

Size: 250mg x20 cups

Product of Thailand

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