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Kumiko Collagen 15G x15 Sachets


Kumiko Collagen 15G x15 Sachets

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Kumiko Collagen 15G x15 Sachets

It is a collagen that contains premium natural ingredients like Salmon Ovary, French Melon, Gac Fruit, Acerola Cherry, and Glutathione within one box.

Acerola Cherry Extract helps reduce dullness and dark spots caused by pollution and UV rays, along with improving skin to be aura radiant. Daily intake will help strengthen skin to fight against UV rays.

Stem Cell Extract from Rose Placenta from Japan helps exfoliate skin, promotes skin elasticity without dryness, and stimulates the production of collagen under skin higher than Vitamin A. The more the body is able to resist free radicals, the more it will be able to fight against wrinkles and make skin more youthful.

Pomegranate Extract has antioxidants 3 times higher than Red Wine and Green Tea and most importantly this ingredient has been used as the main ingredient of KUMIKO Collagen Premium, the latest collagen that helps slow down skin aging, brightens skin, reduces dark circles under the eyes, and promotes skin to be moisturized and glowing, without dark spots and dullness.

Mix 1 sachet (15g) with 120ml of water.

Net weight: 15G x 15 Sachets

Product of Thailand

Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 15 cm


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