Cosmic Hair Remover Spray


Cosmic Hair Remover Spray 100ml

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Cosmic Hair Remover Spray 100ml

Cosmic Hair Remover Bubble Spray is an easy way for your hair removal needs. Stop torturing yourself removing your unwanted hair in old method. We have the better choice for you. No need to shave or tweeze, painful waxing or costly laser anymore. Hair removal in just 4 quick steps!

Gentle, can be used by most skin types
✅ Reduce irritation
✅ Non pungent smell
✅ Removes in 5 min
✅ Slow down the regeneration of hairs after removal

Easy to use in 4 steps.
1️⃣ Shake well
2️⃣ Spray evenly
3️⃣ Waiting time (10-15 min)
4️⃣ Wipe off

*Not suitable for sensitive skin*

*Results depends on each person’s hair.*

Product of Thailand

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 10 cm


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